Commercial Contracts

Recognized Commercial Contract Expertise

Hemp and cannabis cultivators and other operators that have traditionally relied on unwritten deals with their suppliers and others along the supply chain have learned the hard way that these undocumented transactions offer little to no legal protection and no way to allocate and shift risk. With growth and experience, cannabis and hemp industry operators have become more interested in predictability, and have begun standardizing the documentation of all third-party agreements in binding, written contracts. The Law Office of Shay Aaron Gilmore has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in Business Law, and as one of the Top 100 Lawyers across all practice areas, by Super Lawyers® Magazine, in part as a result of the superior results Shay has achieved on behalf of cannabis and hemp clients in their commercial contract transactional matters.

When commercial relationships are going well, written contracts may seem unimportant, but when things take a turn for the worse, a written contract not only sets expectations for each party, but also protects the parties with representations and warranties, indemnification clauses, and risk-shifting provisions to provide clarity, and enable businesses to conduct operations seamlessly. Shay has experience drafting the full range of agreements that a hemp or cannabis business may need, including but not limited to:

Focused on Cannabis and Hemp Agreements

Whether you are taking a fresh look at the level of protection your current business documentation provides, or just getting started as a commercial cannabis or hemp operator, The Law Office of Shay Aaron Gilmore is ready with legal solutions for your cannabis and hemp business needs. From review and negotiation of contracts handed to you, to preparing bespoke contracts from scratch, Shay helps clients anticipate and overcome pitfalls in commercial cannabis business transactions, strengthening relationships among cannabis and hemp industry operators. The Law Office of Shay Aaron Gilmore routinely prepares commercial agreements for cannabis and hemp industry clients, including:

Shay understands the commercial contract arrangements across the cannabis and hemp supply chains, and knows how the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and other contractual rules apply to these agreements. Cannabis and hemp clients rely on The Law Office of Shay Aaron Gilmore to maximize their advantage and make deals more profitable because Shay knows these deals inside and out. Shay’s commercial contract work for cannabis and hemp companies includes skilled preparation and vigorous enforcement of:

The Law Office of Shay Aaron Gilmore proactively identifies and mitigates legal and commercial risks to safeguard your interests and cultivate successful relationships with your business partners and customers. Contact us today to find out how we can help with the commercial transactional needs of your cannabis or hemp business.